Strata Associates Ltd Environmental Policy Statement

Strata Associates recognise that it has an impact on the environment not only in terms of its own operations but also within the services that it offers to its clients. Its main impacts come from the electricity used in the office and the business travel undertaken to clients sites. As a business Strata Associates are committed to minimising its contribution to climate change. To achieve our environmental objectives we will:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint by 5 % in the first year of its carbon reduction programme from the current level of 3 tonnes of CO2e
  • Conserve resources by reducing waste and minimising consumption of materials. When waste is unavoidable, we are committed to reuse, then re-cycle and finally responsible disposal
  • Reduce fuel consumption by continuing to maintain vehicles used for business travel, car sharing with associates, route planning for all new jobs and where possible, use public transport alternatives
  • Reduce our electricity consumption by upgrading the office lighting to more efficient technology
  • Ensure that we remain compliant with all relevant legislation such as our duty of care responsibilities and also adhere to customers’ specific requirements

Our role in the construction industry enables us to influence how our projects take form. Our completed projects will also play a role in carbon reduction and as such, we will work with our clients, suppliers and sub-contractors to actively encourage the adoption of sound environmental principles. To achieve this we will:

Principles Adopted as Designers & Planners

  • Consider siting and orientation on new developments
  • Specify materials with low U values to maximise thermal performance
  • Source local materials and suppliers for use in our construction practices
  • Meet current legislation including CDM regulations
  • Work up to Code for Sustainable Homes level 4 as far as possible
  • Use renewable sources of energy as far as possible
  • Minimise water consumption
  • Maximise access to daylight and natural ventilation
  • Encourage the builders we manage to have a waste management strategy in place to improve recycling on the construction sites we work with and in clients’ homes
  • Protect and encouraging biodiversity across our site developments
  • Raise awareness of environmental issues to our clients throughout the design and construction process as well as the long term post completion use of the building

Our Office Procedure

  • Optimise use of natural lighting and ventilation in the office building to minimise energy use
  • Minimise the use of paper using electronic submissions where possible
  • Adopt good house-keeping in the office wherever possible to reduce energy consumption

This environmental policy will be published and shown in our reception area, in general communications and on our website. We shall engage our staff to ensure that they are kept informed and participate in our environmental activity. A full annual review will take place alongside quarterly action plan reviews.

Clare Dolan
Managing Director
February 2014


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