Are you FULLY health & safety compliant?

Were you aware that construction H&S laws changed in April 2015?

The Health & Safety Executive treats non-compliance “very seriously”

General ‘householders’ will now also have duties under CDM2015

Health & Safety is an ever-changing field, as the Health & Safety Executive adapt existing laws and introduce new ones to protect all parties involved in the construction industry….

Health And Safety

  • Summary of the main changes brought in by CDM 2015 (compared to CDM 2007)
  • A suitable “construction phase plan” is needed for any project;
  • The client must appoint a principal designer and principal contractor if there is more than one contractor;
  • The role of “CDM Contractor” is replaced by the “Principal Designer”
  • A health and safety file is required if there is more than one contractor; and
  • A requirement to notify the work to the HSE does not trigger any additional duties

The regulations will have a widespread effect and are applicable to all construction projects. The updated CDM rules will apply whether or not a project is notifiable. There are no small project exemptions and domestic clients are now within the scope of the regulations. The major change is the need for a principal designer (PD) to take the place of a CDM Co-ordinator (CDMC). Strata Associates director Bill Hatfield can advise you on the new regulations.

If you are a designer, a self-builder or run a construction business, you are no doubt very aware of the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest Health & Safety regulations. From evaluation of the initial design to handling on site management issues, working with Strata Associates you can be sure that your project is health and safety compliant in all areas.

Naturally, the dangers of not getting professional, experienced advice can be severe. An Electrical Services firm was recently fined £12,500 after a 21-year old worker was electrocuted on a construction site. In addition to the fine, the defence was ordered to pay the prosecution costs of nearly £50,000.

Strata Associates can manage the health and safety process on your behalf, passing on the benefits of our years of experience and also utilising our bespoke health and safety packages for both domestic and commercial projects.

We can offer a bespoke package of health and safety advice for your needs including the following
Construction Health and Safety Design Advice:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Policies
  • Construction Phase Plans
  • Notification of Construction Projects and F10 Applications

Our Construction Director William Hatfield, has a long working history within the industry and is appropriately qualified

We can ensure proper co-ordination of the health and safety aspects of the design and planning process. This will facilitate good communication and co-operation between project team members and co-ordinate the preparation of the health and safety file.

Proper consideration of the health and safety implications of the design for all those involved in the construction process from design and survey, through to on-site project management will make a significant contribution to reducing its whole life cost, and will make delivery to time, cost and quality more likely.

“We can highly recommend Strata Associates for their health & safety advice.

Strata Associates were invaluable in providing practical advice under the new CDM regulations and also on handling asbestos issues on site. I would definitely use them to help out with all aspects of managing our future projects large and small.”

R & J Construction

To arrange a no obligation consultation in Shropshire, Herefordshire or Worcestershire, please call Bill Hatfield on 01694 720123 or submit an online enquiry here.

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